Somebody Made This

I have been shopping Etsy all day for beautiful, handmade jewelry that blows my mind. What really blows my mind is the amount of actual crap people attempt to sell on Etsy! I have never seen so many monstrosities before in my whole shopping life! Seriously. Also, explain to me why you would post a blurry photo of something you are trying to sell for multiple hundreds of dollars? Yikes. If it sells, you better use that money to buy a decent camera or some photography lessons! 

I did find a few gems and I wanted to share them with you. So here are my top Etsy jewelry picks of the day:

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You can link to the jewelry below!

Fringe with a touch of mink

Le printemps Trio

Clear stained glass necklace with fused blue lines

Feel like a queen

Haute Couture Nefertiti


Letterpress Charm

Fish and starfish

Sterling Silver Bat Skull Necklace on Feather Pelt:

Tribal fiber necklace

Engraved Topaz Locking Poison Ring with Key on Chain

Zenith Necklace SS 2010

Primal Urge

Enjoy your weekend, friends!


Good To Know

I am dedicating this post to random things I want to share with you. You will understand why later. Enjoy.

 Polyvore is addictive

This is THE BEST work distraction, ever. Hands down. No doubt. Do you fancy yourself a fashionista? Do you feel like you could be a great stylist? Then check this place out. The site allows you to create “mood boards” of full outfits and then TELLS YOU WHERE YOU CAN BUY THE CLOTHES. The site lets you mix and match Vivienne Westwood with Old Navy. It’s pretty ridiculous. Their selection is totally awesome.

My Creation

The above outfit that I created at costs over $1000. I can dream.

– Althea is getting married and blogging about it at Elle Girl.

You can read her wedding adventures here. I am one of the 13 bridesmaids in her wedding, too! It’s in 9 days, my dress was designed by Althea, and my shoe heels are 6″ tall. Yowza!

Image courtest of Althea Harper

-I helped pick out my best friend Lindsey’s engagement ring.

It’s gorgeous. She is a lucky lady to have me as her bestest and Adam as her Fiance! I have to point out that I am going to be her Maid of Honor because I am awesome.

What a rock!
-I landed a new gig
My last few days of work have consisted of websurfing, online shopping, and picking at my nails. I did manage to purchase a new (and cheap) wardrobe as a reward to myself. Forever21 is so much easier to shop when you do it online. Avoid those stores! If I were a bad person and my eternity wasn’t spent on a fluffy cloud, it would be spent in Forever21. Or washing an endless pile of dishes at Caesar’s Creek Flea Market in Wilmington, OH. That was the site of my first job and I still haven’t recovered from the pain.  
– Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris released
Anybody want to lend me theirs once they are done reading it? I am not allowed to buy anymore books and our library is infested with bedbugs…

Image from

If you like Vampires, White Trash, Fairies, and Mattress Mambo… then you will LOVE the Sookie Stackhouse series. The HBO series Trueblood is based off these addictive novels, so if you aren’t into reading you can still enjoy Charlaine’s characters by watching this show. Alexander Skarsgard is delicious.


– Super Cute Skirt

 If I wasn’t in dress limbo, I would be attempting to make this skirt, courtest of Adventures In Dressmaking featured on Grosgrain.

I want! I want!

Ok, that’s all I have for now. It’s time to start staring at my cubicle wall.

Oh My, Omaha!

The Convention Center

I have returned.

I spent the last weekend in a little place called Omaha, Nebraska. It’s a very flat place. Really flat. I feel sorry for it. I bet Omaha gets taunted like I did as a high school freshman: “Why is your front as flat as your back?” With no curves for protection, Omaha’s winds can literally blow you away.

Why was I in Omaha for work, you ask? I was there to see this man:

image courtesy of

His name is Warren Buffet and he is a financial genius. Or at least that’s what they tell me.

In all actuality, I was there to work my company’s booth at the 2011 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting. We make a line of Berkshire Hathaway corporate apparel that gets gobbled up by shareholders who like to wear logo apparel while golfing. I designed the graphics for our graphic t-shirts, seen below. If you want to purchase a t-shirt, you can do so here: 

My designs for Berkshire Hathaway

What happens at the Shareholder meetings is simple. Warren Buffet and his team sit in a GIANT auditorium and answer shareholder and press questions for 12 straight hours. All of the managers of Berkshire Hathaway also get the chance to meet up, hang out, talk some shit, and speak with Warren. Several of the companies are invited to man a booth in the convention center and sell some of their wares to make a little extra money for the company. Soft Shoes, Justin Boots, Acme Brick, See’s Candy, The Pampered Chef, Dairy Queen, Geico, Borsheim’s, Mars, Coca-Cola, BNSF Railroad, NetJets, Garanimals, Benjamin Moore, Fruit of the Loom, Clayton Homes, and Nebraska furniture mart are some of the companies who come to the event. I spent my Saturday shopping in some of their booths, bingeing on Dairy Queen Dilly Bars and See’s Candy Awesome Bars in Nut and Chew, and making some fabulous purchases (click the image for a direct link to the website):
Justin Boots:

Tony Lama 100% VAQUERO™


Waxing Poetic: Large Ball Bracelet - Brass

Waxing Poetic: Cross Charm Large (In Silver, though I actually bought this charm for the boyfriend. He now wears it around his neck because he loves me.


Waxing Poetic: Voyager Insignia Bracelet

See’s Candy

Assorted Chocolates
I bought these for my Mommy for Mother’s Day. She LOVES these!!!

Awesome Nut and Chew Bars

H.H. Brown:

Isola- Adena Black/Gold

Sofft Tremblay-Ochre

(I must mention that I got a HEAVY discount on all of these items because they are all sister companies)
Other than shopping and manning our booth at the meeting, we also explored Omaha a little bit and ate some delicious (free) food from the most amazing steakhouse. We also played pool at our favorite bar in the city, Upstream Brewing Company. This was my third visit to the meeting and we always stop for a beer at this brewery. Their raspberry beer rocks the Casbah.
All in all it was a great trip. Exhausting as only work trips can be, but thoroughly enjoyable!


Hello all!

I keep roaming the internet sporadically throughout my day, collecting random images that excite me. Today I am going to share these images with you so I can delete them from My Documents folder. Enjoy!


Just Dance
I believe
I dig this but want to see a killer Mockingjay tattoo before I decide…
Balloons make me so happy!
Wishing this was my work station…
Should be my mantra…
I want this jacket. I might attempt to make it….
My mantra
My favorite color is “Smoke”
Wishing this was my desk!
This pretty much sums up my day.
For Lindsey, my dearest!

I leave tomorrow for Omaha, NE for the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting. I get to rub elbows with richies and maybe spy Bill Gates in the audience. Oh, and sell mass t-shirts to make my company major buckaroos. Have a great weekend!!!!!!


Clearly I need loads more practice before attempting to do another dress pattern. Or Simplicity needs to have better diagrams and drawings in their pattern instructions. Before I go further I must explain that this blog serves two purposes for me:

1. To force me to keep up with sewing/pattern-making/creativity in my off time. You have to stay fresh (and usually I love doing these things anyway)

2. To share my successes and struggles with the friends and family who support me. In the beginning, this blog was created because of a contest but it has become much more than that to me. It is forcing me to practice. to be patient, and to be persistent.

I am attempting 2443 which is a Cynthia Rowley pattern. I have no idea what level the dress is, but it has pockets, lots of curves, an invisible zipper, and a million gathers. Everything started out great until pocket met invisible zipper. They didn’t quite see eye to eye, so they are not perfectly in line. Luckily the gathered waistband hides this small issue, so I continued on….

….and got completely lost when it came time to sew up the straps. The directions and pictures do  not make any sense to me so I did the best I could. Which wasn’t very good. So now I know what I need to do to fix the problem, but this involves ripping out a lot of seams. The boyfriend refuses to learn how to do this, so I have to do it. I hate ripping out seams. It makes me feel like such a failure.

Looks like I am going to have to get back to this dress after my work trip this week. Hopefully I will be refreshed. I am pretty stinkin’ angry at myself right now. I knew I should have made a muslin of this dress first but I was overly confident. As usual.

So here is the new game plan. I am going to finish this messy dress and then remake it. In a bright, sunny, fun color and it will be perfect.

Thanks friends for hanging in there with me. I appreciate you!



I have been an awful blogger.

Netflix just added Glee to its roster of programming. I have been spending every spare second of my life watching the first season. I am hooked. I am convinced that the best way to watch any series is to wait until you can rent/purchase a season at a time. No commercials. No waiting a week to watch the next one. No forgetting what happened last week. It is total bliss. Or in this particular case, total GLEE!


I am also obsessed with Miss Pillsbury’s wardrobe and have a sneaky suspicion that my next project (whenever I get there) will be inspired by her. She is so cute.


 I am late to this bandwagon but I do not care. I am perfectly content.

The plan for my dress is to finish it in time for Easter. My best friend Lindsey is now engaged (I helped pick out the right with her fiance!) and due to the excitement and celebration, I did not have time to finish the dress in time for the party. I am such a procrastinater! But check back this week for an update. Thanks for staying with me, friends! Have a great week!

Triple grande latte kind of day…

Good morning folks!

I am super tired (which is why I got an extra shot in this mornings latte). I have been working on fun things completely unrelated to this blog for the entire weekend. I am exhausted, but my project is not yet complete. I may let you all see it. Maybe.

Immediately following completion of said project, I will begin creating my new party dress, dress #2 from the previous post. It was my favorite, t00! Thanks all for voting!

To entertain you for a minute, check this thing out:

It is a robot folding a tiny paper airplane! I love learning. I love science. I love robots. Robots like Iron Man. And Robert Downey Jr. Especially Robert Downey Jr.


Also check this out, too:

It’s an undersea adventure starring household objects. I miss the beach.

Happy Monday!