A World of Beads

Remember Makayla from my previous post? The patient and talented lady who schooled me in the fine art of jewelry making? I have to tell you how truly fabulous this girl is and how thrilled I am to have met her. This wonderful lady has a serious passion for jewelry. Her pieces are truly unique and beautiful. For being so young, she has a really elevated taste level do in part to her upbringing.

Makayla’s mother, a ceramic artist, would make clay beads and let Makayla use them for necklaces. She was practically born with a bead in her hand. She now favors vintage brooches and cameos and is a frequent antique mall shopper; always on the search for beautiful additions to her jewelry collection. I am so glad that I ventured into A World of Beads. Makayla has really inspired me to add jewelry-making to my long list of hobbies.

A World of Beads

A World of Beads is definitely a hidden “gem.” The store carries loads of beads in different colors, sizes, shapes, and materials, as well as a selection of very rare German beads from the early 1900’s. Anything your creative heart desires, I bet you can find it there. There are two locations in Cincinnati; one in Hyde Park and the other in Tri-County. They cater specifically to bead lovers, but also host group classes and do custom work for weddings. I am currently taking names to set up a class. Let me know if you are interested!

Below are a few of Makayla’s favorite pieces that she has designed, as well as some of her favorites created by co-workers. Each of these beauties are available for purchase at the World of Beads Erie Ave location in Hyde Park, Cincinnati.

Makayla's Favorite Creation

My favorite Makayla Creation

Necklace by Amanda Wirtanen

Necklace of Vintage Chanel Beads by Amanda Wirtanen

If you are feeling creative and want to try something new, give jewelry-making a try. I did and loved it. If you hit up A World of Beads, let me know. I will go with you. I can’t wait to visit again! For more information about A World of Beads, visit their website at www.aworldofbeads.com.