And so we meet again…

It has been entirely too long.

I love writing. I realize that after this hiatus. I am completely aware that what I am writing isn’t anything profound or important to anyone other than myself, but it is a release that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I miss warm and fuzzy. My life over the past several months has been crazy and hectic. I have been a stress ball of irritability and down-right meanness. It is a wonder that anyone wants to be around me. Planning a wedding, being in a wedding, working a demanding job, and setting crazy goals to accomplish will make a person go insane and I am nearly there. Hello funny farm, here I come.

Regardless of this laundry list of irritation in my life, I am a very happy girl. I am having a lot of fun planning my wedding, planning showers and bachelorette parties for friends, and working out the details for the big day on the beach where I will marry my love.

For my first post in what seems like forever, I have decided to post some inspirational words and images. These have given me peace and allowed me to quiet down for a second to think about what really matters. I hope you enjoy them and are inspired.





Soon to come – ranting or raving about upcoming showers, sneak peaks of wedding crafts, and potential food disasters/miracles as I diet…



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