Cake, Bake, Make

Cake is, hands down, my favorite dessert. I could eat it all day, everyday. I love it topped with buttercream, chocolate ganache, lemon glaze, or powdered sugar. I love it with fruit, nuts, cremes, and candy. Delicious. Always. Even better with ice cream or a big glass of milk.

Cake in large quantities will make you fat. It’s a fact. Unless you are abnormal or run for hours a day (in which case I still classify you as abnormal – where are you GOING?) So what is a substitute for cake? Frosting flavored lipgloss? Cake scented candles? Cupcake shaped office supplies? Or how about a Cake Softie?

Yes. I made a Cake Softie based off a pattern in “The Softies Kit” by Theresa Laskey. I think I purchased this 2 years ago, looked through it and thought I ought to make something, and then placed it on my craft book shelf to collect dust. I have a lot of books like this, but I think they are going to come in handy during this upcoming year of wedding planning. Sometimes you get lucky and collect for a reason unknown to yourself until it is revealed to you.

What is a Softie you ask?

Why, it is a tiny little stuffed animal! Quick to sew and easy to throw. And give to your friends for their 27th (27! 27! You will always be older than me!) birthday because you already baked a whole cake and ate it, too. No need to repeat that mistake.

This little kit came with the supplies to make a little party cake. Pink and white felt, pink and white embroidery thread, a needle, some batting, and a little pom-pom are all you need to make this little cutie. He is completely hand sewn with love.

Cake Making Kit!

All these little ingredients turned into this:

My little cake

The cake measures 3″ in diameter, so it is itty-bitty. It can be used as a pin cushion. After I made it, I had a better idea (of course). What if you filled it with that “drawer” smelly-good stuff in a vanilla flavor? Then you could have a little cake that looks adorable, is soft enough to throw at co-workers heads when frustrated, and will smell up your cube in a good way (while masking your stinky sneaker smell, Susie). I didn’t rip it open to refill it because I am lazy and was tired of sewing. If you can tell, I left off the “whipped” topping that was part of the pattern. Simple is better, in my opinion. Plus we were getting ready to watch “Trueblood” so I wanted to wrap things up quickly.

I will definetly make this adorable cake again in different colors. It was an easy and quick projet that made my friend smile on her birthday (27! 27! Muahahahaha).

Check back soon for my next project… that has yet to be determined.


One comment

  1. susieQ* · September 9, 2011

    I can’t WAIT until its your Birthday….luckily you’re little cake made up for rubbing in my age! It’s so cute, makes me smile every time I look at it 🙂

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