A Proposal


My man, along with his brother and a lovely girl named Tricia, took me out for the day for a “fancy pub crawl.” A fancy pub crawl consists of a yummy lunch, dressy clothes, wine tastings, and nostaligic bar hopping. The plan was to eat, attend a wine tasting, visit our old haunt the Holy Grail in Clifton, and visit Uncle Woody’s. Uncle Woody’s is where Brandon (my man) and I first met. If anyone wants to hear that story, leave me a comment. For now, let’s talk proposal!

Basically everything Brandon planned went entirely wrong. The wine tasting didn’t start until 5 (we arrived at 2:30). Holy Grail was not open for lunch (they officially closed their doors forever that night). Uncle Woody’s was closed until 8pm. I had no idea what the day would bring, so I just went with it. We ended up at our favorite new haunt, Habits Cafe in Oakley.

Brandon was acting funny during the day and kept getting phone calls. From work, mostly. I thought the weird vibe that I was getting from everyone had to do with the “Rapture.” This was not the case.

We had a few brews at Habits and then headed to Ault Park to take pictures of our fancy dress. The men wore suits. The women wore floral dresses. One man carried a ring in his suit pocket. One girl had no idea.

Brandon took Bradley and Tricia’s photos. They seemed giggly. Almost giddy. Bradley smiles a lot, but his smile seemed bigger.

We switched. Bradley took our pictures. It was getting hot. I turned to go. Brandon said, “Just one more picture.”

I turned. He reached into his pocket. Got down on one knee. And asked me a question.


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  1. ellen · May 26, 2011

    i love that you got all the pics of him asking. perfect!

  2. susieQ* · May 26, 2011

    things may not have went “perfectly” but thats what made it a PERFECT day! 🙂

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