Somebody Made This

I have been shopping Etsy all day for beautiful, handmade jewelry that blows my mind. What really blows my mind is the amount of actual crap people attempt to sell on Etsy! I have never seen so many monstrosities before in my whole shopping life! Seriously. Also, explain to me why you would post a blurry photo of something you are trying to sell for multiple hundreds of dollars? Yikes. If it sells, you better use that money to buy a decent camera or some photography lessons! 

I did find a few gems and I wanted to share them with you. So here are my top Etsy jewelry picks of the day:

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You can link to the jewelry below!

Fringe with a touch of mink

Le printemps Trio

Clear stained glass necklace with fused blue lines

Feel like a queen

Haute Couture Nefertiti


Letterpress Charm

Fish and starfish

Sterling Silver Bat Skull Necklace on Feather Pelt:

Tribal fiber necklace

Engraved Topaz Locking Poison Ring with Key on Chain

Zenith Necklace SS 2010

Primal Urge

Enjoy your weekend, friends!


One comment

  1. Lindsey · May 12, 2011

    I love the stack of books necklace!!

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