Good To Know

I am dedicating this post to random things I want to share with you. You will understand why later. Enjoy.

 Polyvore is addictive

This is THE BEST work distraction, ever. Hands down. No doubt. Do you fancy yourself a fashionista? Do you feel like you could be a great stylist? Then check this place out. The site allows you to create “mood boards” of full outfits and then TELLS YOU WHERE YOU CAN BUY THE CLOTHES. The site lets you mix and match Vivienne Westwood with Old Navy. It’s pretty ridiculous. Their selection is totally awesome.

My Creation

The above outfit that I created at costs over $1000. I can dream.

– Althea is getting married and blogging about it at Elle Girl.

You can read her wedding adventures here. I am one of the 13 bridesmaids in her wedding, too! It’s in 9 days, my dress was designed by Althea, and my shoe heels are 6″ tall. Yowza!

Image courtest of Althea Harper

-I helped pick out my best friend Lindsey’s engagement ring.

It’s gorgeous. She is a lucky lady to have me as her bestest and Adam as her Fiance! I have to point out that I am going to be her Maid of Honor because I am awesome.

What a rock!
-I landed a new gig
My last few days of work have consisted of websurfing, online shopping, and picking at my nails. I did manage to purchase a new (and cheap) wardrobe as a reward to myself. Forever21 is so much easier to shop when you do it online. Avoid those stores! If I were a bad person and my eternity wasn’t spent on a fluffy cloud, it would be spent in Forever21. Or washing an endless pile of dishes at Caesar’s Creek Flea Market in Wilmington, OH. That was the site of my first job and I still haven’t recovered from the pain.  
– Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris released
Anybody want to lend me theirs once they are done reading it? I am not allowed to buy anymore books and our library is infested with bedbugs…

Image from

If you like Vampires, White Trash, Fairies, and Mattress Mambo… then you will LOVE the Sookie Stackhouse series. The HBO series Trueblood is based off these addictive novels, so if you aren’t into reading you can still enjoy Charlaine’s characters by watching this show. Alexander Skarsgard is delicious.


– Super Cute Skirt

 If I wasn’t in dress limbo, I would be attempting to make this skirt, courtest of Adventures In Dressmaking featured on Grosgrain.

I want! I want!

Ok, that’s all I have for now. It’s time to start staring at my cubicle wall.


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  1. susieQ* · May 7, 2011

    oh how I love your randomness 🙂

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