Oh My, Omaha!

The Convention Center

I have returned.

I spent the last weekend in a little place called Omaha, Nebraska. It’s a very flat place. Really flat. I feel sorry for it. I bet Omaha gets taunted like I did as a high school freshman: “Why is your front as flat as your back?” With no curves for protection, Omaha’s winds can literally blow you away.

Why was I in Omaha for work, you ask? I was there to see this man:

image courtesy of www.reuters.com

His name is Warren Buffet and he is a financial genius. Or at least that’s what they tell me.

In all actuality, I was there to work my company’s booth at the 2011 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting. We make a line of Berkshire Hathaway corporate apparel that gets gobbled up by shareholders who like to wear logo apparel while golfing. I designed the graphics for our graphic t-shirts, seen below. If you want to purchase a t-shirt, you can do so here: http://www.berkshirewear.com/ 

My designs for Berkshire Hathaway

What happens at the Shareholder meetings is simple. Warren Buffet and his team sit in a GIANT auditorium and answer shareholder and press questions for 12 straight hours. All of the managers of Berkshire Hathaway also get the chance to meet up, hang out, talk some shit, and speak with Warren. Several of the companies are invited to man a booth in the convention center and sell some of their wares to make a little extra money for the company. Soft Shoes, Justin Boots, Acme Brick, See’s Candy, The Pampered Chef, Dairy Queen, Geico, Borsheim’s, Mars, Coca-Cola, BNSF Railroad, NetJets, Garanimals, Benjamin Moore, Fruit of the Loom, Clayton Homes, and Nebraska furniture mart are some of the companies who come to the event. I spent my Saturday shopping in some of their booths, bingeing on Dairy Queen Dilly Bars and See’s Candy Awesome Bars in Nut and Chew, and making some fabulous purchases (click the image for a direct link to the website):
Justin Boots:

Tony Lama 100% VAQUERO™


Waxing Poetic: Large Ball Bracelet - Brass

Waxing Poetic: Cross Charm Large (In Silver, though I actually bought this charm for the boyfriend. He now wears it around his neck because he loves me.


Waxing Poetic: Voyager Insignia Bracelet

See’s Candy

Assorted Chocolates
I bought these for my Mommy for Mother’s Day. She LOVES these!!!

Awesome Nut and Chew Bars

H.H. Brown:

Isola- Adena Black/Gold

Sofft Tremblay-Ochre

(I must mention that I got a HEAVY discount on all of these items because they are all sister companies)
Other than shopping and manning our booth at the meeting, we also explored Omaha a little bit and ate some delicious (free) food from the most amazing steakhouse. We also played pool at our favorite bar in the city, Upstream Brewing Company. This was my third visit to the meeting and we always stop for a beer at this brewery. Their raspberry beer rocks the Casbah.
All in all it was a great trip. Exhausting as only work trips can be, but thoroughly enjoyable!

One comment

  1. susieQ* · May 7, 2011

    shoes AND chocolate in one post?? how dare you!!! btw, ur graphic t’s are killer

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