Hello all!

I keep roaming the internet sporadically throughout my day, collecting random images that excite me. Today I am going to share these images with you so I can delete them from My Documents folder. Enjoy!


Just Dance
I believe
I dig this but want to see a killer Mockingjay tattoo before I decide…
Balloons make me so happy!
Wishing this was my work station…
Should be my mantra…
I want this jacket. I might attempt to make it….
My mantra
My favorite color is “Smoke”
Wishing this was my desk!
This pretty much sums up my day.
For Lindsey, my dearest!

I leave tomorrow for Omaha, NE for the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting. I get to rub elbows with richies and maybe spy Bill Gates in the audience. Oh, and sell mass t-shirts to make my company major buckaroos. Have a great weekend!!!!!!