I have been an awful blogger.

Netflix just added Glee to its roster of programming. I have been spending every spare second of my life watching the first season. I am hooked. I am convinced that the best way to watch any series is to wait until you can rent/purchase a season at a time. No commercials. No waiting a week to watch the next one. No forgetting what happened last week. It is total bliss. Or in this particular case, total GLEE!


I am also obsessed with Miss Pillsbury’s wardrobe and have a sneaky suspicion that my next project (whenever I get there) will be inspired by her. She is so cute.


 I am late to this bandwagon but I do not care. I am perfectly content.

The plan for my dress is to finish it in time for Easter. My best friend Lindsey is now engaged (I helped pick out the right with her fiance!) and due to the excitement and celebration, I did not have time to finish the dress in time for the party. I am such a procrastinater! But check back this week for an update. Thanks for staying with me, friends! Have a great week!


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