Triple grande latte kind of day…

Good morning folks!

I am super tired (which is why I got an extra shot in this mornings latte). I have been working on fun things completely unrelated to this blog for the entire weekend. I am exhausted, but my project is not yet complete. I may let you all see it. Maybe.

Immediately following completion of said project, I will begin creating my new party dress, dress #2 from the previous post. It was my favorite, t00! Thanks all for voting!

To entertain you for a minute, check this thing out:

It is a robot folding a tiny paper airplane! I love learning. I love science. I love robots. Robots like Iron Man. And Robert Downey Jr. Especially Robert Downey Jr.


Also check this out, too:

It’s an undersea adventure starring household objects. I miss the beach.

Happy Monday!


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