Busy Bears

It has been a very long time since my last post. I have been SO BUSY! It has literally been driving me crazy that I haven’t had enough time to devote to my blog.

Since the weather was nice (up until last Thursday), the boy and I managed to get out and about a lot more than usual. We two bears got ourselves out of hibernation and into the local pub. All is right with the world.

We also attended the wedding of our dearest friends sister. It was a very beautiful wedding, complete with a chocolate fountain and a photobooth! I was good, I only made one trip to the fountain. I did, however, make three trips to the photobooth.

Other than enjoying the outdoors, the boy and I have been assisting his father in the seemingly impossible task of cleaning out a condo. Everything is going to the Goodwill.

We did manage to snag a few treasures.

A trio of hooters:

A totally rockin’ HUGE clock (Brooklynn stepped in to show the scale):

TONS of costume jewelry:

We also will acquisition a sewing machine table. I fully intend to have a craft night, complete with sewing machine lessons. I might even teach the boy how to sew!

I am also starting to design some more jewelry! It’s been difficult blocking out time lately to create but it hasn’t been difficult finding materials since I have all that costume jewelry with which to play. I will show some to you in a later post, but for now it’s time to pick me a new sewing project! I had such luck with the cover-up (even though it looked a lot different than the dress we started with) that I want to do another knit project. I have a special party to attend this month and I want to make a special party dress for it! I don’t have very much time, so I want to do something that I can easily replicate.

Spring Party Dress

I plan to make the dress out of a heather grey jersey knit with black accents, even though some of these are clearly made out of a woven fabric. So they would look something like these quick drawings I did (seriously I did these QUICK, so don’t judge me):

My quickee sketches

Have a great week my friends and get your vote in by Opening Day (Thursday March 31). GO RED LEGS!



One comment

  1. jessy · March 29, 2011

    Oh my god, I have some serious clock envy!! I’m already a bit obsessed with clocks and I’ve been hunting for one like that for a while- nice snag!!

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