Can I brag for a moment?

I am being published in a book! Actually a project I did in college is being published in a book! This book:

Apparel Production Terms and Processes by Janace Bubonia

The project featured in this book is a brand and collection that I designed that is targeted towards a Hispanic teenage girl. It was so fun to do and I am so honored to have been asked to be in the book. I haven’t seen the chapter or have any idea what is said about my project, so hopefully it isn’t a “what not to do” deal. I would be very embarrassed if it was so. It wouldn’t be the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me, though. So I am bragging anyway.

It was scheduled to come out in December, but it didn’t. I am not sure what is prolonging the release, but you can pre-order it through Amazon. I honestly do not expect anyone to purchase a textbook just because I have some images of mine in it, but you never know!

Below are some of the images that will be featured in the book.

Graphic T-Shirts


If you are interested in seeing more of my work, you can visit my portfolio website. I just started it today and would love your feedback. I plan to add additional projects throughout the week, so check it again later to see more!


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