Cruisin’ Cover Up Winner!

“Naughty Nautical” is the wiener! I mean the winner!

Naughty Nautical

This lovely “Asylum” dress by One Teaspoon is a saucy little t-shirt dress with lots of buttons and some “straight jacket” elements (namely fabric strips). My goal is to find a simple pattern from the local craft store and alter it a tiny bit. My main concern is finding the striped fabric with my very limited fabric resources. If anyone knows of a killer fabric store in the Cincinnati area, please feel free to leave a comment with the address. I will be most grateful.

In the meantime (since most likely I will be sewing buttons on the cover-up while in the hotel prior to setting sail on the high seas), I thought I would entertain you with my current reads, tunes, recommendations, and important lessons I learned this week.


The New Dynamic Communication Skills for Women: 9 Steps to Effective & Professional Communication for Today’s Successful Business Woman edited by National Press Communications

Dewey: The Small Town Library Cat Who Touched The World by Vicki Myron

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

Dewey is my gym read, the business book is my after the gym read (it is actually a work-book), and the Ayn Rand is my bedtime book. I think its safe to say that one of these will be my in-flight book on the way to Miami.


Kiss Each Other Clean – Iron & Wine

21 – Adele

Space Traitor – Starkey

I am obsessed with Robot Hands. I want them all over me…


We Rule The Internet

Creative Inspiration

Robot Hands


1. Do not go to an art show intoxicated or you will end up buying more art than you have wall space.

2. NEVER go into Anthropology after shopping the entire mall and having no luck. It doesn’t matter if you got everything on sale. You need to pay rent, remember?

3. Whole Foods breakfast buffet will put you into a comatose state and ruin your Sunday plans to clean your apartment. After you have watched three cheesy girlie movies to settle your stomach, you will get your sedentary arse off the couch and to the gym. But then you will come right back home and sit right back down to watch a documentary on medieval live action gamers. You will then try to convince your boyfriend that it would be a wonderful couples activity. This will get you strange looks and a request that you sleep on the couch.

I would totally rock as a medieval live action gamer. Just had to say.

Enjoy your week, friends!


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