Cruisin’ Cover Up

Are you ready to vote for my next project?!?!

I want to make a cute cover-up to wear on a CRUISE! I am actually going on a cruise! I am so excited I might pee my pants!

Crisis, though. The holidays sucked the life out of my bank account, so I can’t really afford to go buy a whole new “resort” collection to wear on my vacation (who am I kidding, I couldn’t afford it before Christmas either). Plus, I need to stock up on Dramamine because I don’t want to toss anything over the boat, especially my cookies.  So, I have to figure out how to make a cute (and simple) cover-up on a tight budget (without looking too cheap) before I leave at the end of February!

This is going to be an exercise in altering a store-bought pattern. With the total tragedy that was my computer bag in mind, I have decided that this time I need to follow a pattern (for the most part) and slowly ease my way back into creating things from scratch. I am rusty and need to oil the old creative joints. Kind words of encouragement are… well… encouraged.

Here are a few little numbers that caught my fancy. Take a long, hard look. I love all three of these equally (not making that mistake again!), so go ahead and pick your favorite. If you would like, please share my little post with your friends to make the competition more fun. I would love to have the opinions of complete strangers who I can convert to friends.

Cruisin' Cover-Up Options

To vote, please use this handy-dandy Poll thingy that I finally figured out!

[Poll Removed, lovelies! See next post for winner!]

Please cast your vote by Friday January 28th at Midnight. I will post the winner Saturday. I am so excited to see which one wins!

If you would like to purchase the real deals, here are their locations:  1 is the Gypsy Coin Dress @Poetrie, 2 is the Asylum Dress @One Teaspoon, and 3 is the Team Mod Mini @ModCloth.


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