Hello, 2011!

Sorry for the hiatus, folks. It has been a busy past couple of weeks filled with holiday parties, baking, boozing, and coughing. Yes. I have been a very ill girl.

I am super behind on my laptop bag, but have purchased a lovely navy blue coat to use for fabric. The leather piece is proving to be difficult. I want something soft and pliable, but the thrift stores are giving me stiff and smelly. I WILL post Sunday night and it WILL show progress. It takes me a while to get back into it once I have been out of it…. since I have been drugged on Nyquil for three weeks solid!

To entertain you wonderful people, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things from 2010 as well as what I am looking forward to in 2011. This will be done in lists. These are located below.

I also threw in some Holiday pictures to prove I haven’t just been sitting on my bottom eating Ferrero Rocher.

Charley’s Favorite Albums of 2010

  1. This Isn’t Over Yet – Ellery
  2. Foundling – David Gray
  3. Veneer – Jose Gonzalez
  4. Brothers – The Black Key’s
  5. Be My Thrill – The Weepies
  6. Sigh No More – Mumford & Son’s
  7. Plastic Beach – Gorillaz
  8. High Violet – The National
  9. The Ghost Who Walks – Karen Elson
  10. Lucky Shiner – Gold Panda

Christmas Eve Shenanigans

Charley’s Favorite Movies She Watched In 2010

  1. Despicable Me (It’s so fuzzy I want to DIE!)
  2. Black Swan
  3. Inception
  4. Valhalla Rising (Ok, this was hard to admit but it’s so messed up I couldn’t stop watching it)
  5. Bronson (See above statement)

Charley’s Favorite Overwatched Television Shows

  1. LOST (Forever my favorite)
  2. Dexter
  3. Mad Men
  4. Weeds
  5. Modern Family

Holiday Ready With Red Lips!

Charley’s Favorite Books She Read (She Only Loves Sci-Fi/Fantasy)

  1. The Hunger Games Series by Suzanna Collins
  2. The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon
  3. The Prestige by Christopher Priest
  4. Blood Oath by Chris Farnsworth
  5. The Uglies Series by Scott Westerfield

Things Charley Looks Forward To In 2011

  1. Continuing her blog!
  2. A Bahama’s cruise in February
  3. Learning and practicing Yoga
  4. Creative Writing (I am planning on taking a class and getting back to my “Power of the Pen” roots)
  5. The Last Harry Potter Movie (It’s bittersweet)

Me & My Friend Pam on NYE

I wanted to thank all of you for being GREAT readers and for helping me choose my projects. I figured out how to make a poll so you will not have to leave comments anymore to vote (AWESOME, right?), and I also have got a couple great interviews with killer-crafty ladies planned! 2011 is going to be a great year!

Casting A Love Spell For 2011

Stick with me, kids. You ain’t seen nothing yet!

(Yes, those are O’Douls.)



  1. Lindsey · January 7, 2011

    I love that 3 of 5 favorite books were ones I introduced to you! You’re welcome 😉

    • a girl named Charley · January 7, 2011

      Haha, thanks Linz. You do keep me occupied with Sci-fi and fantasy book series. I am about halfway through “Voyager” and can’t wait to start the next one already. 🙂

      • Lindsey · January 7, 2011

        I’m about 3/4 through Voyager!

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