Her Royal Cuteness

Has anyone ever made you smile so big your face hurt? There is a girl I know that does this to me (and probably everyone she meets). She is charming and sweet, like a princess from a fairytale. She even has an animal sidekick that follows her on her adventures, and a wonderful fiance who loves her with his whole heart. Her name is Carla. She is talented. She is stylish. She is fabulous. Prepare to fall in love.

Her Royal Cuteness, Carla Morales

AGNC: “Tell me a bit about your creative background. What you liked to do as a kid, where you went to college, what you studied, what you do now?”
Carla: “As a kid, I was obsessed with playing store. I’d rearrange the shelves in our house to look like merchandise, and use the Nintendo Duck Hunt gun as a scangun. I went on to study Graphic Design at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Along with working as a graphic designer, I sew clothes and Fancypacks® and work with glass at my job at Brazee Street Studios.”

Carla at Brazee Street Studio

AGNC: “What‘s the story behind your delightful line of Fancypacks®? How did the idea hit you, and how has it evolved?”
Carla: “Fancypacks are a fashion-forward fannypack I designed and developed in the shape of a bow. The idea came to me when I was working on a rectangular purse with a big bow on it. Halfway through, I thought, why not eliminate the box part of the purse, and just use the bow somehow to hold stuff. So I constructed different pocket mechanisms until I came up with the Fancypack®. Immediately they were a big hit in my Etsy shop so my lawyer sister Jennie helped me get a registered trademark.”
How to rock the Fancypack
The new Fancypack Purse!
AGNC: “Do you make every Fancy Pack by hand?”
Carla: “Every single one. So far I’ve made close to 500 in my Littlest Sweat Shop.”

AGNC: “Where do you get your color and fabric inspiration?”

Carla: “Food, candy, glass.”

AGNC: “Where can I purchase a Fancypack?”

Carla:Fancypack.net, Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) Store, Nest, Rosie’s Handmade Revolution, Consider, Queen of Hearts, Chicken Lays An Egg

AGNC: “When you aren’t designing, what are you doing?”
Carla: “Playing with my rabbit or my 5 year-old nephew Nico. They’re my two favorite little friends.”

Carla Rocking Out with Neon Vomit

AGNC: “Who/What influences your personal style?”

Carla: “When putting together an outfit, I like to make things match in a fun and obnoxious way. I also like carrying out a theme, be it ‘shades of gray,’ or a character from a movie, or something more abstract, like a delicate pastry.”

AGNC: “Where do you go to beef up your closet and what is your favorite garment/accessory in your closet that you would have a meltdown over if you ever lost it?”

Carla: “I love shopping for vintage and handmade clothing on Etsy. I’m getting married in June, so right now my favorite garment hanging in my closet is my Anna Sui wedding gown. It would be really bad luck if something happened to it, right?”
AGNC: “You always look amazing, I want to know where you get your style!”

Shades of Grey

Carla: “Here’s an example of the ‘shades of gray’ theme I mentioned earlier. Pretty much I just grabbed things around my room in variations of gray and pieced them together into a depressing rainbow. I love wearing berets because my rabbit’s name is Paris. The animal around my neck is a Foks scarf by Celapiu, an Etsy seller in Poland. I love it, even though the wool gives me dreadlocks.
“The second outfit features four of my favorite things: leggings, wedge heels, bows, and the color black. The sweater is vintage Todd Oldham. It’s missing a button, so I attached a sparkly vintage brooch in the center to keep it closed. I like to wear something vintage with all my outfits. I have quite an extensive collection of antique animal brooches—rats, sheep, spiders, rabbits. The bow-shaped purse is my latest evolution of the Fancypack®. I love it in Barbie pink.”

Pretty in Plaid

“In this photo I’m wearing a metallic plaid ruffly jumper I designed and made. Because I love to match excessively, everything I’m wearing is orange or purple—shoes, eyeshadow, even my underwear. …If only I were drinking grape juice.”
AGNC: “If you could be doing anything right now, what would it be?”
Carla: “I wish I was in Japan, riding around Harajuku on a seafoam green moped.”
I told you she was a cutie. Be sure to check out Carla’s etsy shop SAVE ROOM FOR CAKE to purchase your very own Fancypack. If you want to learn more about Carla, be sure to visit her website Carla Rabbit.
All photos were provided by Carla.

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